Is reacha stainless?

Yes it it. All the parts we are using are resist to corrosion.

What’s the loading capacity?

We recommend a maximum load of 45kg when using reacha as bike trailer and maximum load of 65kg when using reacha as a hand trailer.

How do I fix the loading?

We recommend using a luggage net, expanders or ropes to fix the loading.

What’s the weight of reacha?

The reacha frame weighs just 3,5 kg, the trunk weighs an additional 1,9 kg. Depending on your chosen wheels this adds up to 10kg for the reacha cargo 20” and  12,5kg for the reacha beach 24”. The bike connector weights only 0,5 kg.

What kind of wheels can I use?

The mount for the wheels is normed to a hub width of 100mm (regular front wheel hub width) and you can mount wheels from 20“ up to 28” including fatbike sizes.

Can I use reacha with my bike?

Yes you can. Our optional bike connector mounts the reacha to any bike you have. Please make sure to check the street regulations before using reacha on open streets especially at night.

Can I transport kids with reacha?

Unfortunately our reacha was just designed to transport cargo.

What fits on a reacha?

Beeing adjustable in length and width reacha has a huge loading capacity. You can load it up with up to 8 softtop surfboards with an average length of 8 feet. Also SUPs with a maximum length of 14 feet fit on it. Please check our measurements chart on the FEATURES page for further details.

What’s your return policy?

Consumers have a 14 days right of withdrawal. Please see our RETURN POLICY for further details.

Do I get a warranty?

We are giving you an additional one year warranty. Please check our TERMS & CONDITIONS for further details.