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The reacha is perfect as a camping bike trailer. A bike trailer from reacha makes your vacation at the campsite really an adventure. The reacha is especially suitable as a camping accessory for SUP riders, surfers and for transporting kayaks. The reacha also makes a camping vacation with the family much more relaxed. All reacha models are suitable as camping bike trailers and can transport all your equipment!
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In this article we explain to you the most important information about bicycle trailers on e-bikes. Which trailer fits which type of e-bike. Which legal aspects you have to pay attention to and which reacha model is particularly suitable for transport on the e-bike or pedelec.
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Grab the SUP and quickly to the lake after work? For stand-up paddling enthusiasts this is not a question of wanting to, but rather a question of logistics. reacha has at least three trailers in its range with which you can take your SUP to the nearest lake at any time by hand or bicycle. We have taken a closer look at the models and explain the differences: they are less in price but more in use.
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With the bicycle trailer reacha beach we offer an emission-free alternative for bringing surfboards, sails and other equipment directly to the water. With its fatbike tyres, it rides easily over sand and gravel and can also be pulled by hand if necessary.
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The reacha is suitable for anyone who wants to bring equipment from one place to another 100% climate neutral, both on foot and by bike. The reacha hand and bike trailer is designed to fit SUPs, surfboards or kayaks but also fishing gear or groceries for the week. Our bike trailers fit any mountain bike, E-bike, or road bike thanks to our innovative Bike-Connector!
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Wingfoiling is the new water sports trend. In this article we clarify: What is wingfoiling anyway. What do I have to consider when wingfoiling and how do you transport such a ride at all?
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reacha has four hand and bike trailers for kayaks in its range, which are ideal for outdoor sports enthusiasts who prefer to pedal their bikes emission-free to the nearest lake or river. Each model can transport a kayak up to 4 to 5 metres long.
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The reacha compact with its 20-inch tyres is ideal for small or large purchases in the city or for trips into the countryside. Because this bicycle trailer transports backpacks, tents, pavilions and (or) a Weber grill with one hand. This makes it the ideal companion for bicycle tours and family outings - even over gravel and gravel.
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The bike trailers by reacha offer space for all fishing equipment: not only the fishing rod and a camping chair. For longer trips you also need water, provisions, weatherproof clothing and if you want to stay overnight, camping equipment. As all reacha bike trailers are adjustable in length and width, they offer plenty of space. And for fishermen and women who want to fish from a dinghy or kayak, a boat easily fits on the reacha.
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Compact Density Fibreboard (CDF) is an innovative material characterized by its high density, strength, and sustainability. Compared to other wood fiber boards such as MDF, OSB, or particle boards, CDF offers advantages such as water resistance, smooth surfaces, and diverse finishing options. CDF is ideally suited for applications in the construction industry, furniture manufacturing, sports, and lifestyle. The new reacha bike trailer platform utilizes CDF to ensure durability and robustness.
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A bike trailer will help you in many situations. Especially for surfers or paddlers, a bike trailer from reacha is the perfect travel companion. Many people think about building a bike trailer themselves. In this article, we present you eight bike trailers to build yourself!
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