END OF SEASON SALE - 10% off everything *

END OF SEASON SALE - 10% off everything

This also applies to our reacha BUNDLES. The (additional) 10% discount is automatically deducted in the shopping basket.

This also applies to our reacha BUNDLES. The (additional) 10% discount is automatically deducted in the shopping basket.

Where do you usually find windsurfers, surfers and kiteboarders? On the beach! Parking possibilities are often in vain near the water. With the bike trailer reacha SPORT we offer an emission-free alternative to bring surfboards, sails and other equipment directly to the water.

What does a bike trailer for surfboards or kites actually have to offer?

Enough space: Windsurf boards are big, not to mention the sail. The reacha SPORT bike trailer offers enough space for surfboards up to 4.3 meters long with or without sails.

Stability: our bike trailers are produced regionally in Bavaria. The aluminium frame comes from Rosenheim. The material is ideal: Aluminium is stable, resistant to rust and salt water and especially important for you bike trailer: It is light.

Lightweight construction Apart from the frame, the other components also ensure that the total weight of the bicycle trailer remains minimal. The textile loading surfaces are stable, light and serve as a bag when disassembled. In view of the lightweight construction, it was not possible to completely do without plastic. But still: all the plastic parts used are recycled materials from aviation: so-called "injected carbon". This is also particularly stable and durable.

Bicycle trailer for heavy duty loading

Modularity: The plastic parts also ensure that the bike trailer can be assembled and disassembled in the shortest possible time, because the plug system of the reacha SPORT consists of aluminium tubes and snap locks. This also has the advantage that it is adjustable bike trailer in length and width. Sometimes you just want to take a small kite surfboard to the beach. The next day a windsurfing board and if your partner comes along, maybe two surfboards as well. No problem with reacha all that.

Tip: In our video gallery Floko shows you that it takes less than four minutes to set up the reacha and that it can be assembled without any tools.

Tires: FFor the tires of the reacha SPORT beach we chose Fatbike tyres for a good reason. After all, the way to the beach is often uneven and wide tyres simply have better grip. So this one pulls bike trailer your surfboards easily over sand, stone, gravel and scree. An alternative for the road offers our reacha SPORT street.

Payload: If you use the reacha SPORT beach as we bike trailer we recommend a maximum load of 30 kilograms. (More is also possible as a hand trailer.) With this we guarantee our customers that they can pack provisions, backpacks or other equipment in addition to their (wind) surfboards. If you need additional stability, you should also take a look at the reacha PRO

Lashing straps: Even though we don't sell lashing straps, they still are often forgotten. If you have your bike trailer loaded with your windsurfing board, you should of course lash it down so that it doesn't fall off. Our recommendation are the Tension belts from FCS which were specially developed for surfboards. For smaller transports, however, expanders from the DIY store also do it.

Bike trailer for surfboards

Specially developed for surfers: the reacha SPORT beach

The equipment for (wind-) surfing has its price, just like our reacha SPORT beach. As a hand-held or bike trailer was specially developed for the transport of surfboards, kiteboards and windsurf boards. We are aware that there are cheaper models on the market, but there are good reasons why it is worth bike trailer its money. Because the reacha SPORT beach...

  1. is particularly stable and durable (aluminium)
  2. is stainless and salt water resistant
  3. can transport surfboards up to 4.3 meters long
  4. can also pull kayaks and other sports equipment
  5. is produced sustainably and regionally in Germany
  6. is flexibly adjustable (keyword: modularity)
  7. has a minimum weight (keyword: lightweight construction)
  8. is easy to stow when disassembled (keyword: foldable)
  9. can be set up in a few minutes without tools
  10. is compatible with any bicycle (keyword: adjustable bicycle adapter)
  11. and can be pulled by hand or bicycle

reacha DIY as a cheap alternative?

Bike trailer to build yourself

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to cart your surfboards to the beach by bike, you will find an alternative in the reacha DIY It is supplied without tyres and is therefore aimed at outdoor sports enthusiasts who want to "up-cycle" their used bicycle tyres. It has standardised wheel mounts and is therefore compatible with all standard bicycle tyres (wheels 18" to 26", hub width 100 mm, maximum width 4").

And if you have a lot to transport, you can use the reacha DIY with additional loading brackets, so called BOWs, and simply increase its payload or loading capacity. Because just like the reacha SPORT beach, the reacha DIY can also be used to transport surfboards, kiteboards, kayaks, SUPs or other sports equipment.

What our customers say


Perfect surfing trailer

Great trailer for surfboards in combination with the bicycle, super easy to assemble, easily stowed in the camper and so the hassle to the shore is eliminated. Highly recommended.


Fahrradanhänger mit kleinem Packmaß