END OF SEASON SALE - 10% off everything *

END OF SEASON SALE - 10% off everything

This also applies to our reacha BUNDLES. The (additional) 10% discount is automatically deducted in the shopping basket.

This also applies to our reacha BUNDLES. The (additional) 10% discount is automatically deducted in the shopping basket.

The bike trailers by reacha offer space for all fishing equipment: not only the fishing rod and a camping chair. For longer trips you also need water, provisions, weatherproof clothing and if you want to stay overnight, camping equipment. As all reacha bike trailers are adjustable in length and width, they offer plenty of space. And for fishermen and women who want to fish from a dinghy or kayak, a boat easily fits on the reacha.

The biggest challenge - besides catching fish - is the same for all fishermen and women: The fishing equipment, i.e. rod, bait, chair, provisions, rain jacket or even a boat, has to be transported to the lake or river somehow. If you want to change from car to bicycle, you can use a trailer by reacha. This has the advantage that the search for a parking place is no longer necessary and you can usually take your fishing equipment directly to the water's edge.

Fishing by the sea

Common features of all reacha models

What all bike trailers from reacha have in common is a large loading area that can also transport heavy loads such as inflatable boats, kayaks and bulky equipment. This is because the trailers are designed in such a way that their length and width can be adjusted in a few simple steps. Furthermore, additional loading brackets, the so-called bows can be added to provide additional stability to the trailer, particularly when carrying heavy loads.

Bike trailer for anglers having various needs

There is enough space for fishing or camping equipment or even boats on all reacha bike trailers. When choosing the right trailer, other factors tend to play a role. First and foremost, the tyres must match the demands that a cyclist places on his trailer.

foldable bike trailer for anglers

Overview of the reacha (bike) trailers

reacha SPORT street - for anglers with speed

Those who spend a lot of time on asphalt roads and like to drive faster will rather prefer the reacha SPORT street whose treaded tyres allow the trailer to run smoothly even at high speeds. The reacha SPORT street also sits slightly higher, which makes it easier to transport longer items.

Bicycle trailer for the road

reacha SPORT beach - for anglers offroad - with and without boat

For other excursionists the reacha SPORT beach is particularly attractive, with fatbike tyres that can also be used off-road - on dirt roads or sand - without any problems. This bike trailer is already supplied with an additional loading bow, but if you equip it with a second bow, it is ideal for transporting small (inflatable) boats for fishing.

Bicycle trailers for fishermen and the beach

reacha SPORT compact - for anglers with less space

Of course the reacha SPORT compact transports a (smaller) kayak / boat and the current fishing equipment, but as the name suggests: the compact is mainly aimed at excursionists who are looking for a trailer with a small packing size. If you want to transport the trailer in a disassembled state from A to B - for example on longer trips - the reacha SPORT compact (also budget-friendly) can be stored in a particularly space-saving way.

bike trailer with small pack size

reacha DIY version - for fishermen with old bicycle tyres

And for those who want to take a special look at their budget, the reacha DIY version, a cost-effective alternative that also benefits the environment. Almost every reacha comes optionally in a DIY version, which is supplied without tyres and can be fitted with almost any standard used tyre. This has the advantage that anglers can decide on the tyres for their trailer themselves. Only certain key data must be taken into account. Hub width: 100 mm, diameter: 20"-26", max. width 4.0

Build your own bike trailer

Many advantages for anglers

All our bike trailers have the advantages that are decisive for (hobby) fishermen and women. Here we have listed the most important features of all reacha models here:

  • Sturdy material:All trailers are made of stainless and salt water resistant aluminium. This is an important basic requirement for anglers who are naturally close to water.
  • High load capacity:No matter whether camping equipment is added to the fishing rod, a rubber dinghy or even both: these bike trailer reacha can transport up to 35 kilograms and still keep their smooth running. (As a hand trailer, even up to 60 kilograms load is recommended).
  • Flexible tires:Depending on the model, the tires are designed for different surfaces (road, terrain, gravel, sand, etc.) or for different types of bicycles (mountain bikes, e-bikes, pedelecs, touring bikes). However, depending on the destination, they can be easily swapped for each model.
  • Purpose-oriented adjustability:Whether it's a short trip, a trip lasting several days or even a whole holiday: each bike trailer is adjustable in length and width so that there is always enough room for the exact equipment that you need.
  • Quick assembly and disassembly:The assembly and disassembly of all reachamodels takes less than 5 minutes. Our CEO Floko demonstrates this for you in our video gallery!
  • Last but not least - conscientious production:The bicycle trailers of reacha are sustainably produced products. The aluminium frame is produced regionally in Rosenheim (Bavaria) and the processed plastic parts come mainly from recycled material (injected carbon). This is not necessarily an advantage for fishermen and women, but still nice to know ;)

Conclusion: Which trailer is the right one?

If you are still undecided which model best suits your needs: In the following video, our CEO Floko shows you the differences between our hand and bike trailers and explains which reacha fits best for your fishing trips - with or without boat.

What our customers say


Perfect for kayak fishing

In addition to the high quality features, the versatility of the reacha is ingenious. No matter whether I want to quickly go to the water with the SUP or start an adventure with the fishing kayak.

Dennis Kieselhorst

Fahrradanhänger mit kleinem Packmaß