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Stories from our adventurers

In this article we introduce you to Robert Heine and his foldable sailboat. The Paper8 is ideal to be transported with the reacha. With the reacha brought to the coast, the boat is assembled in 10 minutes and off you go into the adventure!
  • 4 min read
Vaquera Ureta decided to take on the Swiss SUP Eco Challenge. For this challenge all big Swiss lakes will be crossed with a SUP and the transport from lake to lake must happen ecologically only. In this article you will learn who Ivan Vaquera Ureta is, how he came up with the idea of such a journey and whether he will manage to cross all five large lakes in Switzerland.
  • 10 min read
2000 kilometers through Northern Germany with a reacha SPORT, kayak, SUP and a Piaggio Ape. With a maximum speed of 50 Km/h, Jörg Knorr is heading from Flensburg along the North German coast. Read more about the kayak and SUP adventure here.
  • 4 min read
The extreme athletes StecherTwins put our reacha SPORT bike trailer through its paces on an SUP & mountain bike tour in the Alps. Their conclusion: "We are impressed!
  • 3 min read
His friends thought it was a crazy idea, but Thomas Oschwald did not let himself be put off, even when the first two attempts failed. The third time he succeeded. He travelled by water from Geneva to Basel, using only two means of transport: his SUP and his feet combined with a trailer by reacha. We asked him to share his experiences with us.
  • 6 min read
With the reacha SPORT, windsurfing pro Dennis Müller and his girlfriend set off to find the best windsurfing spot on the East Frisian Islands. Climate-neutral island hopping with bike and reacha for windsurfing
  • 9 min read
Originally on a family vacation, adventurer Thomas Oschwald didn't miss the chance to spend time not only with his family, but also to start his own little adventure with the reacha as a bicycle trailer on an e-bike and explore the coast of Crete. Thomas took us on tour and captured his journey in breathtaking pictures.
  • 4 min read
With Bike2Boat, Redbull athlete Adrian Mattern and Brendon Orten have teamed up with kayak legend Olaf Obsommer and videographer Jens Klatt to travel by kayak and mountain bike from Innsbruck across the Alps without carbon emissions. Their faithful companion: the reacha bicycle trailer. Starting in Innsbruck, they cycled 800 kilometres for 21 days and paddled 9 different rivers and always with them: the reacha SPORT.
  • 4 min read