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Stories from our adventurers

With Bike2Boat, Redbull athlete Adrian Mattern and Brendon Orten have teamed up with kayak legend Olaf Obsommer and videographer Jens Klatt to travel by kayak and mountain bike from Innsbruck across the Alps without carbon emissions. Their faithful companion: the reacha bicycle trailer. Starting in Innsbruck, they cycled 800 kilometres for 21 days and paddled 9 different rivers and always with them: the reacha SPORT.
  • 4 min read
His friends thought it was a crazy idea, but Thomas Oschwald did not let himself be put off, even when the first two attempts failed. The third time he succeeded. He travelled by water from Geneva to Basel, using only two means of transport: his SUP and his feet combined with a trailer by reacha. We asked him to share his experiences with us.
  • 6 min read
The extreme athletes StecherTwins put our reacha SPORT bike trailer through its paces on an SUP & mountain bike tour in the Alps. Their conclusion: "We are impressed!
  • 3 min read