Draw attention to promos + sales!

Draw attention to promos + sales!

Do it Yourself

Save money and do something good for the environment - with the D.I.Y. variants of the reacha bike trailers. We explain to you how it works and how you can save up to 500€ when buying a reacha bike trailer!

How does it work?

When configuring your own reacha, you can choose between three components: the drawbar, the load compartment, and the tires. You have the option to exclude the load compartment and tires if you already have wheels at home or if you have found affordable used ones. If you are handy or don't need a load compartment, we don't force anyone to order it! This is better for the environment and your wallet! Even though we strive to produce the reacha as environmentally friendly as possible!

Which reacha models are available as D.I.Y. Variant?

Except for the reacha PRO, every reacha model is also available as a D.I.Y. version. For reacha SPORT, CITY, XXL, and WEBER, you can choose whether you want the reacha with or without tires. Additionally, you have the option to select the suitable load compartment for your needs. To do so, simply choose the reacha model that suits you best below and customize it according to your requirements! Many kayakers, for example, use the reacha in the naked version. Many DIY enthusiasts have also come up with great ideas to modify the reacha according to their specific needs.
SUP Transport on reacha DIY XXL


Brilliant Universal Transport System
transporting two kayaks with the reacha SPORT DIY


Great product for a car-free lifestyle
reacha CITY DIY models with aluminium bow covers


The perfect opportunity for old tires
reacha WEBER DIY with aluminium crate on it


The jack-of-all-trades

reacha SPORT

The classic reacha SPORT is available in the D.I.Y. version for all DIY enthusiasts who need to transport long equipment. Whether it's SUP, kayak, or wingfoil, you can still transport everything! The reacha SPORT for DIY enthusiasts is available starting from 349€.
reacha SPORT as a naked D.I.Y. version for only 349€
reacha CITY as a naked D.I.Y. version for only 299€

reacha CITY

On the go in the city but still in the mood for your D.I.Y. project? Then the reacha CITY in the affordable D.I.Y. version is the model of your choice. You won't make any compromises with it. The short CITY handlebar allows for the transportation of equipment up to 1.50 meters long. As a self-built project, you can save up to €550!

reacha XXL

The reacha XXL is already a specialist for those with huge equipment. The frame is even wider and longer. You can easily transport up to 5 meters with it. Many people need special protection for such specific equipment, which is why the D.I.Y. version is particularly suitable here. The bare reacha offers the optimal conditions to realize such a project!
reacha XXL as naked DIY variant
reacha WEBER DIY version with platform

reacha WEBER

No space on the seat post and a knack for tinkering? That's why we offer the reacha WEBER in the D.I.Y. version! Customize the trailer to your needs. We provide the frame and Weber coupling! The reacha WEBER can be loaded with equipment up to 1.50 meters long, just like the CITY model.

Your tire choice

At reacha, you have the option to choose from four different tire variations. One of them is the D.I.Y. option, which does not include tires. How does it work? The reacha frame is equipped with standard 100mm axle mounts, allowing you to install any wheel between 20 and 28 inches. The tire width should not exceed 4 inches. Unfortunately, for Fatbike wheels, only tires up to 26 inches can be accommodated. In the development of reacha, we prioritized this modular design, which allows for giving old tires a new lease of life! However, please note that rear wheels cannot be installed.
Wheelsets for reacha bicycle trailers
Textile trunk for reacha bicycle trailers

reacha without a load compartment?

Since 2023, the reacha is available with either the proven textile trunk or the sustainable CDF platform. In response to our customers' requests, we have also added the most environmentally friendly option to our shop: the Naked variant. The Naked variant is designed for those who don't need a cargo platform or prefer to customize it themselves. It is undoubtedly the most sustainable and cost-effective of the three options. The great thing about the modular design of the reacha is that you can always retrofit it with a platform or trunk. But with the Naked variant, your sports equipment can be transported just as effectively!

Not finding the right one for you?

If the reacha in the D.I.Y. variant isn't what you were looking for, here are our top 10 recommendations for bicycle trailers to build yourself. On the page, you will find carefully selected instructions on how to build your own bicycle trailer.

Looking for more DIY options to tinker with?

We are currently working with our community on various projects to further optimize the reacha. We often receive homemade accessories from our users, which we want to share with all of you. In the best case scenario, reacha will provide instructions and the necessary materials to help fulfill your dream of the perfect trailer. Because reacha is more than just a bicycle trailer!