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bike connector 2.0

Länge: sport (330-490mm)
  • taking our previous bike connector model to the next level
  • turns any reacha handcart into a bicycle trailer
  • easy (dis)assembly with velcro strap at the saddle pole
  • new power joint allows rotation and laying down the bike while still attached
  • our snap-lock-system allows for de-attachment within seconds
  • rubber coating and central connection ensure smooth running at high velocities
  • comes with DIN certified reflectors for the trailer
  • BC sport (430-590mm) recommended for reacha SPORT/PRO/XL models /
    BC city (430-590mm) recommended for reacha CITY model
  • for extended racks (especially for e-bikes with battery mounted on the rack) we recommend BC city (430-590mm) also for SPORT/PRO/XL models
  • a clearance of at least 5cm is required on the saddle post for attaching the bike connector

Please be aware of the road safety regulations in your country if you want to use your reacha as a bicycle trailer for traffic.